Deliverable #2

Deliverable #2

Another milestone has been achieved: Last Thursday we successfully submitted our second Deliverable (D#2) in the Solar Decathlon Europe 21 competition.

As part of the submission, we also made a film:
Our first “image film” was shot in the communication seminar under the direction of Johannes Riedel. The animations of our building were created in the course of Felix Löhr’s master thesis.

The film clarifies the concept for our competition entry and shows a great development of the building design and the demonstration unit compared to the first deliverable.

In addition, the appearance of the X4S team also evolved. Under the motto “One logo, one team. Ten colors, ten disciplines ”we are now starting with our new logo and our own Instagram account.

For the coming months, we will be working on our design in the areas of architecture, statics, energy, building physics, the model construction of the entire building, as well as the implementation planning of the demonstration unit … and of course our third deliverable, which is due in mid-March. After the deliverable is before the deliverable 😉