Solar Decathlon Europe 21 – contest

For the Solar Decathlon Europe 21 (SDE21) a final of 18 teams were nominated from an international jury to continue with the project realization. The demonstration units will be constructed on the Solar Campus in Wuppertal within a two-week period, monitored in their functions and performance and assessed by the jury. The operation and exhibition phase for the demonstration units will be between August and October 2021.

Applying teams were requested to choose from three possible design challenges among the urban setting of the competition. All three real building situations exist in the Wuppertal Mirke district.

  • urban situation 1: renovation & extension
  • urban situation 2: closing gabs
  • urban situation 3: renovation & addition of storey
Three situations in the contest [extracted from]

Each team had the option to choose one of the three urban situations in Wuppertal. Alternatively, a comparable situation from their hometown/country may be proposed and documentation of the existing conditions be provided. In both cases it is equally important to ascertain the urban setting. Furthermore, the framework of the social context needs to be carefully examined and considered for the selected urban situation. The potential residents must be defined. This social context gives the project a real-life character and allows the student to identify with the project. The selected urban situation challenge combined with the social scenario form the foundation of the overall competition.

In addition to the focus on urban setting SDE21 entails another special feature: the total contribution to the competition consists of two part: a dual challenge. The Design Challenge, similar to a classic architecture competition and the Building Challenge, comprising the planning and the construction of the demonstration unit. The graphic illustrates the link between the two tasks.

The overall competition is made up of the design challenge and building challenge [extracted from]

The design challenge incorporates not only the architectural plan for the entire building but also the ground plan of the attached property including the outdoor areas. The energy concept for the entire project is also a crucial requirement of the proposal.

The completed fully functional demonstration unit represents a section of the entire competition entry in which the designed project is illustrated. Linking the two competition segments a comprehensive concept can be developed that embraces the social and urban necessities as well as the urban sustainability. The demonstration unit will be set up by the university team on the Solar Campus in Wuppertal and evaluated by the jury.