We built our second model!

It represents the unity of our design, which we will also be building in Wuppertal next year: our demonstration unit.

On Wednesday we brought the model to Wuppertal in the Alte Glaserei, where it can now be seen together with our first model, the addition of Café Ada, in the Solar Decathlon pre-exhibition.

Find more information about the exhibition here:

Starting the built of the architectural models

Have you seen? 👀

We are currently building two architectural models that will be exhibited in Wuppertal and evaluated by the jury.

SDE21 Boxen für Transport
Built of the transportation boxes.

The first model shows the urban situation around Café Ada as well as our design for a sustainable building addition.
The second model shows our House Demonstration Unit. We will later implement and operate the demonstration unit on a 1: 1 scale for the finals in Wuppertal.

Urban environment of Café Ada.

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Deliverable D#3

Right on time for the start of the summer semester, we mastered the third milestone in the competition. We further developed the building concept, created high-quality visualizations and built the first practical implementation in form of an urban model.

After more than a year of project duration, we are now moving forward with rapid strides. Technical and organizational foundations were laid, which enable the increasingly intensive and extensive project work. The focus is now on deepening special topics.

We therefore visited Wuppertal again to revise our imagery and to take specific recordings of the Mirke quarter and the Ada café.

With the completion of the design phase, things will now become concrete. In terms of planning, this means that we will work on the work planning for our demonstration unit by the summer. Here, the interdisciplinary cooperation between individual courses is essential.

In addition, we will create two architectural models by the summer: an urban model of the building design on a scale of 1: 100 and a model of the demonstration unit in 1:25. For the model of the building design, the area has already been modeled and built.

In order to be prepared for the final in 2022, special planning is already underway for the next few months. This applies to topics such as occupational safety and construction site logistics.