Deliverable #2

Another milestone has been achieved: Last Thursday we successfully submitted our second Deliverable (D#2) in the Solar Decathlon Europe 21 competition.

As part of the submission, we also made a film:
Our first “image film” was shot in the communication seminar under the direction of Johannes Riedel. The animations of our building were created in the course of Felix Löhr’s master thesis.

The film clarifies the concept for our competition entry and shows a great development of the building design and the demonstration unit compared to the first deliverable.

In addition, the appearance of the X4S team also evolved. Under the motto “One logo, one team. Ten colors, ten disciplines ”we are now starting with our new logo and our own Instagram account.

For the coming months, we will be working on our design in the areas of architecture, statics, energy, building physics, the model construction of the entire building, as well as the implementation planning of the demonstration unit … and of course our third deliverable, which is due in mid-March. After the deliverable is before the deliverable 😉

Creation of sustainable cities also a topic of Mayor Zeidler

Team X4S at Biberach University of Applied Sciences receives great support and encouragement from the former athlete and current mayor Zeidler. Every day he is also involved in sustainable living and building as well as the establishment of sustainable and liveable cities and recognizes the necessity of rethinking.

With the designation of the “Allrounder” he wishes Team X4S the success of the solar decathlon.

Team X4S would like to thank for the great video message and the support of the municipality of Biberach for participating in the sde21 competition.

Competition final is postponed to 2022

Unfortunately, the Corona pandemic has not gone by unnoticed by the Solar Decathlon Europe 21. As this competition is based on external sponsorship money and the processing of competition entries has only been possible to a limited extent in recent months, the organisers have decided to take appropriate measures.

The competition, which was originally planned for September 2021, has now been postponed to June 2022. This extends the competition phase by three quarters of a year.

For us at Biberach University of Applied Sciences, the project postponement gives us the opportunity to work on some topics more intensively and we are already looking forward to being able to implement the results in reality soon. This means that we will be able to strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation and compete as a team.

Your opinion on sustainability

More than 160 students from various courses of study took part in our survey on sustainability.

Many thanks for your contribution!!!

The results show that the definition of sustainability is interpreted quite differently. Nevertheless, there is agreement that sustainable action is important, especially in the energy, mobility and housing sectors. The following chart shows your opinion on this issue.

We have summarized the evaluation of the survey in a short film and you can find it under this link:

Building addition in everyday life

While working on the competition entry, the addition and renovation, for which sde21 was created, we noticed that the topic of addition already has a small beginning. Where green space is valuable food, the garden area is also very limited and two long-eared families already live in ground-floor stables, space for more playmates becomes rare. However, if you take a closer look, there is a solution to this problem: we add to the existing stable, of course with recycled building materials to conserve resources.

In this way, without additional land consumption and with hardly any intervention in the existing structure, we make it possible for both the newcomers with the creation of high-quality stables and for the residents of the existing stock by upgrading the shell of the rabbit hutch.

And should the young family still grow, there is still room for improvement

Online survey on sustainability

Sustainability is an important part of our competition entry for the Solar Decathlon Europe 21, as our goal is to develop and implement solutions for sustainable, energy-efficient and socially responsible construction in urban environments. This is why we have chosen the team name “Extension for Sustainability” (abbreviated “X4S”).

Of course we are interested in how much importance our fellow students attach to sustainability and in which areas it is most important to them. We have therefore developed an online survey and look forward to your participation:

The team website goes live

We’ve done it. Today our team website launches for the first time. Finally we have the opportunity to show our ideas, visions and innovations to the whole world. We are looking forward to an exciting project time and your comments on our competition entry!

Second press release online

News from Team X4S. So it was time for the second press release to keep you up to date. In addition we also had RegioTV with us, who created a report about our SDE21 project. Furthermore we will be on the radio in the near future…so listen to Donau3FM carefully!

Find all our publications and press releases here.